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1966 ROTEL 100AMP & 120ST TUNER
FOR SALE = £295.00 for the Pair.

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1966 ROTEL 100AMP & 120ST TUNER




240v or 117v multivoltage by internal switch. With original 3 core mains cables.

This was a Very Tricky amp. It came here with Amplifier problems. To get Replacement Germanium Output Transistors didn't work out as the originals age & don't work right. So we redone the Amp as Silicon Outputs which much improved the Sound. All this with No Circuit Diagrams too. But then after Recapping it had more issues so New Transistors except the Driver & Push-Pull Germanium Drivers & then redid all the resistors even as it was uneven in volume. Hours of work in this way exceed the sell price.

But then it's Too Loud, so to not break it for Parts to put it for sale as "An Ornament" to save it more than expect a sale. This 1966 amp was imported into the UK as unsold stock & it turned up in a Nov 1969 Hifi News Ad with the Specs, which are not the typical ones. To see the amp design needs adjust pots on the "Extra" as that can be used for TV, CD etc. Tuner tried & it works fine, picking up FM Stereo with ease & AM works too. So to get it sorted as pictured to sell as a working Amp & Tuner.

Tape needs the lower 100mV output or it'll distort, similarly Phono we didn't alter, it needs a low level MM cartridge that doesn't exist, but we recapped that stage just to have it all done. With a typical Phono input it will be too loud & distort, be aware of this. Tuner is a 100mV output level so matches fine. FM Stereo bulb lights, one side bulb on the left, no right one & a bulb for the Tuning Meter. Tuner serviced & checked if not Recapped. The Amp Input Selector bulbs now fitted with LEDs.

Use it with the Tuner & the Aux "Extra" input & it works fine. Played it on our 15" Tannoys & it drives them fine, sounding clean & lively with enough Bass even at 15w. There is a slight hum as the Noise levels are -60dB as the specs show. On 95dB speakers in the dead of night a slight hum can be heard & similarly on Headphones. On 86dB speakers you can barely hear any hum even up close as we tried it on our small test speakers. Gold 4mm Speaker blocks fit these, not included in the sale, just for illustration. Tuner needs a Phono Cable to connect to the Amp, not supplied either.

This comes with Rare Teak Wood Cases, likely made by the Rank Org. on importing these as no others online have these. Cases in nice grade with just the odd minor mark. The inside vinyl wrap metal lids are on both Amp & tuner, the tuner one pictured, amp is the same. High Retro Cute Rating here & it sounds good too. High Wife Appeal on this one. How pleased we are to get it to be useable & sellable, we don't like to give up.

A small sized Amp & Tuner both the same size. 332mm wide x 117mm high x 207mm deep if Amp 225mm / Tuner 235mm Max Depth inc fittings.


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