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We've Stopped Doing MP3 Soundfiles & deleted the lot. So much is on YouTube including Our Stock, so the Chore of Doing 200+ at once, we've decided to stop doing this from lack of Hits.

Any Record Sound Issues are Described & We've Play Tested the Lot again to Keep This Updated to our April 2020 descriptions & will continue to.

We've Done Soundfiles since the 'Real Player' days, they helped Unknowns be Heard if the Compression was Limiting the Quality & to do only 30-90 second edits for Copyright. Today nearly Anything Can Be Put On YouTube, just selfish Jimi Hendrix & Beatles stuff gets Blocked.

So Bye Bye MP3s, you helped, but the Work Involved is Too Much when you can't Link to MP3s on ebay now & it doesn't affect Sales if Described right.