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For all other info, please see the INFO PAGES tab on the Menu above.

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Buying from a Record Website is pretty easy
It's not like buying from ebay click buy-pay-finished in a few clicks, so we'll run you through it. The vast majority of buyers use Paypal to pay us with, which offers you exactly the same "protection" as buying on ebay. Despite looks the site is fully manual, we have Search but no expensive shopping cart!

Firstly click HERE for the Order Form
unless you've just come to this page from it. It opens in a new Tab or Window, so you can browse the Listings in another Tab or Window. You can store your Item Order Numbers as you find them in the box either by copy or paste, or type them in.
No need to add the full details, just the Order Number is needed. Then when you are finished, just fill out your Email, Country, Name & Address. Most buyers use Paypal & our usual Post service, you can change it for larger orders for a Courier & to pay by a Bank Transfer. Then Submit the form when you're ready. You'll then receive an email autoresponder to your email address. If you don't get it, check your Spam folder or maybe you mistyped your email address, both happen occasionally.

Our Order Fill Rate is very high
All Records are Our Own Stock unlike some sites & with regular listings page updates you are sure to get the item you want.

Once an Order has been Paid, any further items are treated as a New Order.

Read more info on the "Info Pages" tab on the Menu
All info you need is there, save you needing to ask. Things like demanding Original Company Sleeves for free will not get you them as is stated.

Do not attempt to pay yet
as we need to confirm your order with an invoice giving the total & detailing items you have in the order.

We will always receive your order
and you will have been sent a copy of your order, check your spam folder if it's not arrived.

Your Order Invoice
will usually arrive within 24 hours but allow up to 72 hours. We like a rest on Holidays so don't expect instant replies then.

Check your Order
contains the items you want. Any missing Sold ones we'll mention, if that actually happens. We copy your form info to the Order Form so you can check you are getting what you ordered.

Once you have our Invoice, you can pay us
No need to confirm the order, the items will be reserved for you for up to 14 days.

Click the PAYPAL button link
on the Front Page, at the top right. The Paypal page gives more info.

For Bank Transfers
pay in UK £ GBP only & quote your Order Number, eg FRED 1911. We'll check it's arrived as we arrange our weekly posting. Note Bank Transfers must be sent from Non UK Countries in UK £ GBP as if you attempt to pay in eg Euros, the exchange rate is incorrect & leaves your payment about 10% short & must be fully paid before we can post.

For all other info, please see the INFO PAGES tab on the Menu above.