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page update 4 Nov 2020
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All orders must be sent Trackable to comply with eBay/Paypal Buyer/Seller protection dictates. We only post to the Address exactly as shown on the Paypal receipt. Countries that require Customs Declarations will need the value declared. As of August 2012, UK Royal Mail Post does not accept Signed For items sent to PO Boxes, so only a Street Address will be acceptable. In 2020 some still try "Box" instead of "PO Box". Impossible to post so no sale.

Only UK buyers can have smaller orders sent to a Royal Mail PO Box. Any Non UK address with a PO Box is now not accepted by UK Royal Mail.

NOT ACCEPTED: Non-UK P.O. Boxes, Packstation, or Poste Restante

These addresses are not accepted. We use Trackable Post Services that require a Signature. For Courier items to any Address or Country, only a Street Address will do.

To add a Street Address to your Paypal account.
As is typical, Paypal don't tell you about Signed For items & PO address problems. What you have to do is add a WORK ADDRESS which is a Street Address to your Paypal account & simply select it when paying. You can only use UK addresses on a UK account etc, no Country swapping for security reasons.

The Paypal Address MUST be the Exact Posting Address.
The small amount who expect a seller to post to a different address & invalidate simple Paypal protection is still a problem. Paypal receipts state "Please note: items delivered in person or to a different address are not covered by Seller Protection. Use a trackable proof of delivery." So if you don't put the correct Posting Address onto Paypal & select it when posting the payment is invalid & we'll ask you to repay it by cancelling the sale. Similarly the ebay address is irrelevant, only the Paypal one is important. We've had a buyer in Northern Ireland which is still the UK with the postcode & wanted delivery to a fairly nearby address, but it was over the border in mainland Ireland which gets the EU post rate so is invalid. Also buyers in one country cannot put a delivery address in another country. Paypal rules are easily abused so we are 100% tight on how we deal. If the buyer still doesn't understand, as the sale is void, we'll just cancel the sale & refund the invalid payment.

is usually within a few days. We check the Amplifier or Receiver is as described before packing. Tracking Provided. we use Parcelforce or UPS only.


is Once A Week, the day does vary these days as we do more Hifi & other items beyond records.

Please Allow
7 days (UK) or 14 days (ROW) for delivery from the posting date you were emailed. If nothing has arrived, please contact us. We do not provide Tracking details until after this time, so please don't ask until then, the tiny print on receipts is hard going, to check Tracking before we tell toconfirm the number is right. A card should be left if delivery was attempted whilst you were out, though this often doesn't happen. As of 2020 & restrictions, the Postie Signs & Tracks items to your Door as Delivered, if in some areas you don't want Post lft outside. We will check the status of the Tracking Details & do a claim if necessary, you do not need to do anything. We can only claim after 14 days & it could take a further 2 weeks for the result, sometimes much longer for Overseas. You were insured to the limit of the Post Service used, ie. 100x the Standard 1st Class Stamp price ws the limit for UK Recorded & basic Int Signed For, if now it's probably just £20. Full insurance is always an option if required.

Paypal is fine for the majority of orders, taken on an order by order basis.
Known Customers can use Paypal Gift instead of fussing with Bank Transfers, read below. For Orders over 100 we may only accept a BANK TRANSFER. Bank Transfers: BACS or IBAN/BIC. See below for more info. We NEVER accept Paypal for any amount over £200, this works fine for Hi-Fi Sales as Bank Transfer is the only way & this is Not Negotiable.

Paypal has changed since going away from ebay. They only put Holds on certain countries that are new to using Paypal, even if the buyer is a regular ebayer. It says payment held for up to 30 days, but in reality they've been clear in 3-4 days. It may seem insulting to the buyer we've thought, but Paypal explain why.

We only post to the address on the Paypal receipt, no exceptions. If Non UK buyers show a PO Box address then that is not valid. We take zero risk in our sales, we do not accept Paypal for first time high value orders etc & if others are willing to from being unaware, go buy from them instead. An unknown buyer making a high value first order will only be accepted with Bank Transfer & Courier. This is called 'Risk Assessment'. Your Paypal Payment receipt email must show us there is a level of Seller Protection for us which varies by Country. We do not accept any order if we are Ineligible for Protection, if we've never actually ever had one like that, for dealing in Records & Hifi. We only post to the exact Address the Paypal receipt shows.

l Gift is used fairly often by buyers who TRUST the seller, as it's no different to a Bank Transfer & saves the Bank Setting Up & the Bank phoning you with a Security code. Bank Transfers & IBAN-BIC are good but we've found it's a bit odd just entering a number & not getting any confirmation other than it showing in your account.
Paypal Gift we DO NOT RECOMMEND to use for any EBAY sale or to any stranger.
If any ebayer wants Paypal Gift to cut you a deal, walk away as it could be a scam. You can decide if you trust us, look at our Hifi pages for how active this site is, if Records aren't what they used to be, we've made a lot of progress with Hifi as our pages show. But only you can decide if you're happy using Paypal Gift if we'll accept it.

WE SAY NO TO Western Union, Money Transfers of any sort, non-UK Bank Cheque or Credit Cards directly. We don't accept Cheques as there are Bank Transfers now. No-one asks for these now. This was around in the early 2000s, now it's Paypal or Bank Transfers, or Cash if you pick goods up in person.

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to not accept orders, and refund even if paid if we are not happy with a transaction. We may choose not to accept Paypal on any order especially ones over 100. Regular buyers need not worry. We do not gamble with online selling in any way or suffer Paypal's randomness. Our decision is final & from past experience we are right to refuse orders based on our findings.

Uncrossed Postal Orders or Insured Cash
No-one ever asks for this currently, for several years now, but this note will stay here as the Economy improves more cash for leisure will return and buyers will be cash-happy again. Postal Orders are too expensive so no-one used them & if crossed must be Banked which is not convenient in today's online world. Do Postal Orders even exist now? Yes they do, but over £10 you pay 12.5% fee if £12.50 max.

For Orders over £100 a Bank Transfer is the preferred option for most buyers, especially ones we don't know or have only bought low value orders before. We do not Gamble on our Sales.
We 'Point Score' Transactions & Orders on Hifi. Scammers think Sellers are Stupid so to catch a Fraudster isn't difficult if you are Wised Up. They Question Bank Transfers wanting Credit Cards or Paypal. Then use a Stolen Card or try a Chargeback, we research this deeply to be wary, if to allow a chance. Googling Names & Companies buying is one. To try to Blame a Transfer from Not Going through is as the potential Scammer had no intention of playing fair, you'd not attempt a Transfer with Inadequate Funds. Scammer Foiled, don't need your trade. Been Catching Scammers Onmline since Early 2000s.

UK Online Banking BACS
for UK buyer to UK seller.
For £100 Orders only. This involves FREE Online banking, you will be sent our bank codes.
Online banking: Sign in to your Bank > Go to your Account > Go to UK & International Payments (or similar) > Click "Make Payment" > Pay a Person > Set up a new recipient, with our Details. Name of Recipient, Sort Code, Account Number, Reference & Amount > Select "As soon as possible" if not already selected. Banks are generally similar on this. > Put in the codes we give you, check all is correct & then click Pay. Instant payment will happen and we usually get the payment within minutes, though they do say "up to two hours". Just let us know by email that you've paid so we can go check it's arrived. Paying by Bank Transfer is fine if you know the seller & they have a good web presence. To pay some anon person on ebay this way is not recommended. Current 2020 ideas have ebay managing payments to the Seller's Bank & give their own cover for sales.

NON-UK IBAN/BIC For Non-UK buyer to UK seller.
For £100+ Orders only. We give you bank codes, you make an online payment or fill out a form in your bank, similar to UK details above. This adds a fixed £7.00 fee to any UK £ payment received.

We will pay the fee on higher orders (ie £250+). Non UK buyers should note this is a preferred way to pay for higher orders as you can then be the one in control of posting terms unlike with Paypal, where strict rules must be employed to cover ourselves especially with their unusual terms. For big orders a Courier would be used and this is very reliable as fully trackable Worldwide. Ask us about this if you require further confirmation.
• It may appear cheaper to pay us in your own Currency, but from previous sales this way, the £ amount we receive can be up to 10% short due to the Bank's own exchange rate & fees hidden in their rate.